Richhariya Baba Dhanora

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Temple of Richaria Babaji Dhanaura

There is a very famous, historical and religious temple of Richaria Baba in Dhanaura, the development block of Seoni district, where a huge fair is held for 15 days after Diwali. People come from far and wide in the fair. There are big shops and swing etc. The villagers do shopping in the fair and also offer prayers to Richariya Baba. Those whose wishes are fulfilled, they also do Bhandara at the Lok Mela venue. The Ashtabhuji statue of Lord Vishnu of black stone is installed in the main temple and other statues are also installed around the temple. This temple shows the importance of archeology, sculptures and other relics have been written there by the archeology department of about 10th century. There is also a small pond near the temple in which people bathe, followed by worship in the temple. It is said that the idols and other relics were found in the excavation from the pond near the temple. Which has been established by the villagers and made a temple. This temple is the center of faith. No more information is available about how the name of the idol situated in the temple was Richhariya Baba.

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  • Richaria Babaji Dhanaura
  • Richaria Babaji Dhanaura
  • Richaria Babaji Dhanaura

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By Air

Nearest airport Jabalpur

By Train

Nearest Railway station Ghansaur

By Road

Richaria Baba's temple is about 80 kilometers from the district headquarters, in the development block Dhanaura