Animal Husbandry

Seoni Animal Husbandry Department is implementing schemes of state government for increasing livestock milk production in the district. There veterinary dispensaries in all block head quarters. Small / marginal and landless laborers are involve in animal husbandry by getting assistance under various schemes of government. following are the hospitals/sub centers are operation in the district.

Sr. No. Name of the Hospital
1 Veterinary hospital Chhapara
2 Animal dispensary barra
3 Animal dispensary Kekda
4 Animal dispensary Chamari
5 Animal Dispensary in Gorakhpur
6 Veterinary clinic Dhanaura
7 Animal Dispensary Kudari
8 Animal dispensary bacodya Seoni
9 Animal Dispensary Bhimgand Chhapara
10 Deputy director of veterinary services seoni
11 Animal Dispensary Turia
12 Animal dispensary pipparia
13 Animal Dispensary Dhobasrara
14 Animal dispensary Ramli
15 Animal dispensary Chhaki Khamariya
16 Veterinary hospital kavasa
17 Animal Dispensary Banjari
18 Veterinary hospital Gansore
19 Animal dispensary Vyavhari
20 Animal dispensary Kahani
21 Veterinary Hospital Kurai
22 Animal dispensary Badalpar
23 Animal Dispensary Dhobisarra Kurai
24 Animal apprentice Peeparwani
25 Animal dispensary Sagar
26 Animal Dispensary Kalarabanki
27 Animal dispensary bundol
28 Animal Dispensary Jaitapur
29 Animal dispensary Mungvani
30 Animal dispensary Bhoma Seoni