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Consumer Forum


            A software developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has made it possible for people to track cases in consumer courts in the State online.

The software facilitates the filing of cases, tracking the progress of a case , preparation and uploading of cause list (the day’s activity) and also judgments. The cause list also gives the viewer a snapshot of a given case and its present stage in the forum.
The software is called Confonet (Computerisation and Computer Networking of Consumers Forums in Country)

The forum will register cases using the software, display stages of hearing, and generate cause list on time.
If a person is interested in going through the judgement delivered by a State commission or a district forum on a particular issue, he/she has to click on the link in the portal. There is also a facility whereby one can search for cases involving a particular organisation or agency. NIC is making efforts to bring all State commissions and forums on board.

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (here in after to be referred to as the ‘Act’) is one of the benevolent social legislation intended to protect the large body of consumers from exploitation. The Act has come as a panacea for consumers all over the country and has assumed the shape of practically the most important legislation enacted in the country during the last few years. It has become the vehicle for enabling people to secure speedy and in-expensive Redressal of their grievances. To achieve the purpose, quasi-judicial machinery is set up at each District (583), State (35) and National Level.

The main objectives of Confonet is as follows:

To set up Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure at Consumer Redressal forums all over India to provide IT solution at each level in order to provide:

*E- Governance


*Transparency and

*Systematizing of working

To achieve time bound delivery of justice to the consumers.

In our district Seoni, the District Consumer forum court was established in 1990. Presently, Hon'le Shri Ravi Kumar Nayak, is the president, of District Consumer Forum, Seoni. From the year of establishment up to 1/5/2011, the details of cases filed in the court are as follows,

1) No. of complaint filed since inception - 2697

2) No. of complaint disposed of since inception - 2639

3) No. of complaints pending - 58

     A) Pending over 90 days - 35

     B) Pending over 06 months - 05

     C) Pending over 01 year - 00

     D) Pending over 02 year - 00

     E) BELOW 90 DAYS - 18

For More Details Please Visit http://confonet.nic.in/