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"Forests" - the Life Line of Seoni


Seoni is one of the forest rich districts in Madhya Pradesh. The total forest area in this district is 30881.01 sq km. This forest area is under judristiction of following forest divisions

S.No Division

Reserve Forest
(in sq km)

Protected Forest
(in sq km)

Total Forest Area
(in sq km)

1. South Seoni (T) 857.39 204.58 1061.97
2. North Seoni (T) 1163.94 328.81 1492.75
3. Pench National Park 145.31 - 145.31
4. Pench Sanctuary 118.43 - 118.43
5. Barghat Project 196.15 71.40 269.55
 Total 2481.22 606.79 3088.01




There are two territorial divisions, two production division, one social forestry division and one forest development corporation division in Seoni district. In addition to these, there is also one National park called "Pench National Park". There are 1612 vilages in Seoni district out which 1375 villages are either in forest areas or within a distance of 5 km from forest boundary.


From the regular harvesting on an average 22000 cu meter of timber, 2.5 lakhs no. of poles, 1200 no. of fuel stacks and 20 lakh no. of bamboo is extracted from forests of Seoni. The revenue earned from the sale of these forest produce is Rs 50 crore per year.

The other minor forest produce which are collected in district are as follows

1. Tendu leaves 108156 Bags

2. Harra 136.96 quintals

3. Gum 86.70 quintals

4. Aonla 1239.44 quintal

5. Achar 457.04 quintals