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Video Conferencing


           Video Conferencing facility is operational since October-2004 in seoni district. Video-conferencing is the new way of communication by which one can talk to other side face-to-face. It has a Microphone, Camera & TV. One can see the picture of other side on TV screen and talk to each other. It enables top management to communicate quickly and effectively by sitting at multiple locations. Video-conferencing helps to reduce travel costs, improves usage of management time and speeds up decision-making. It also provides an effective way of delivering cost-efficient training to individuals without the need to constantly travel to central locations.

 It is one of the regular activities of NIC. It offers its services to the Government officials in the district. With video conference valuable time & money are saved whereas complex issues could resolve by conducting Video Conference. Monitoring of schemes on weekly basis has done using weekly Video Conference. Similar program are also held for other department such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Tribal, Food, Education, Health, Rural Development, NREGS, WCD, Transport, Police Dept., Land Record, Planning, Treasury, PWD and G.A.D. with the concerned officials. Generally 24-30 VCs are conducted in every month, including CMs Samadhanonline and CSs Parakh.